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Pay Bills

Pay your GPL Postpaid and Prepaid Bills; GTT- DSL, Landline or Postpaid Bills, IPED, Courts Installments, Singer Payments, M&CC, GWI or make GRA payments from the comfort of your office, home, on vacation or while having lunch with Mobile Money. And that is from any model GTT mobile phone.

Avoid the long lines, the hassle, bad customer service or  using your lunch break to pay your bills. No more embarrassing disconnections! No taxi or bus fare needed!

Paying your Bill with MMG is Easy, fast, Convenient and Safe.

  • ŸDial *123# to access your MMG wallet
  • ŸSelect 2 “PAY BILLS” from the Menu
  • ŸSelect Bill Company to be paid e.g. GT&T
  • ŸSelect Bill to be paid e.g. Land Line
  • ŸEnter the phone number of the bill to be paid
  • ŸConfirm the phone number by entering it again
  • ŸEnter the amount to be paid e.g. 10500 for $10,500
  • ŸComplete the transaction by entering your PIN
 GPL Postpaid Meter, Courts, Lucky Dollar, Stabroek Direct TV GPL Prepaid Meter
(immediate Serial Number)
GWI Water Bills, Demerara Mutual & *GRA Payments GTT, E-Networks, Movie Star, Hand in Hand, IPED
Transaction Cost $60 Transaction Cost $100 Transaction Cost $40 Transaction Cost FREE

GTT bill are updated immediately when payments are made using MMG & the transaction cost is FREE!
*GRA payments over $60,000 attracts a fee of 0.175% of the amount to be paid.