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Buy Credit

Buy-Top-UpWith Mobile Money you can self-top up your GTT mobile phone at any time, and from anywhere for FREE.

In the middle of a call and your credit runs out? No worries. Within 60 Secs you can be back on your call; just Buy Credit from your Mobile Wallet.

If you need to recharge your BB account or your friend needs credit to make calls; in an emergency and need to call for help? Buying credit with Mobile Money is as Easy as 123!

  • Dial *123# to access your MMG wallet
  • ŸSelect 1 “BUY CREDIT” from the Menu
  • ŸEnter the amount to credit e.g. 2000 for $2000
  • ŸConfirm the amount by entering it again
  • ŸComplete the transaction by entering your PIN

Transaction Cost: FREE


Sorry, this service (or feature) is not available to Mobile Money users from the Other Network. Need help? Call us on 0664.