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Posted by on May 7, 2015 in Testimonials | 0 comments

Bishan Dalip – Regional Engineer – Region 4


“When I first heard of MMG, I thought I have no use for it “that’s for married people with bills.”

Then one day, while on a work site, I was talking to a supplier and my credit unexpectedly finished. One of my workers allowed me to use his phone, and after like a few words his credit ran out too. He said “hold on, let me put in some c-point so you could call he back.” I thought he was calling someone to put in credit, and I said “let them put $1000 for me, and I ll give you the money”. The guy laughed and said “watch this!”. He finished in a minute or so, and I was surprised how easy it was for him to buy credit right there using Mobile Money.

The next day I called 0664 to learn more about Mobile Money, they didn’t have to explain much for me to want to try the MMG service. The same day, I went to Beepats on Regent St. to register and I deposited some money right away…

Since then I have become MMG’s biggest supporter. I quickly realized how much time and gas I wasted to do things I could do literally anytime anywhere!

Now every month, I simply total the amount I usually use for c point; the Internet, the Landline, Water and GPL Bills; deposit that amount in mobile money and pay everything from my phone. It really is the easiest and most affordable option.

I would tell anyone to get Mobile Money. Do like me and call 0664 to know more about it… Standing up in lines long, is a thing of the past. Seriously, this service is for busy people on the move. I can’t do without it now. “

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