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Biller Tip Sheet

Private Educational Institutions

  • The New Guyana Schools,
  • Morgan’s Learning Center,
  • Nations University and School of the Nations.

Payment Flow (SCHOOL):

  1. Dial *123# using your phone or launch the MMG App
  2. Select option “Pay Bills”
  3. Select “Schools”
  4. Select the school (Morgan’s, New Guyana, etc.)
  5. Enter “Student Name” e.g. JaneDoe or janedoe
  6. Enter “Grade” e.g. 2 or G5 or Grade4
  7. Enter “Amount”
  8. Enter “PIN”


  • When entering Student name no space should be used between names
  • No space should be used for the Grade
  • See STEP 6 for Grade examples


University of Guyana (Fee Options):

  • Application Processing Fee
  • Registration fee
  • Summer Registration Fee
  • Transcript Fee
  • General Dues,
  • Graduation Fees
  • Dorm Fee

Payment Flow (University of Guyana)

  1. Select Biller “University of Guyana
  2. Select Sub Biller (Registration Fee, Dorm Fee Graduation Fee etc.)
  3. Enter “Student USI number”
  4. Enter “Campus” ( Turkeyne or Tain )
  5. Enter “Amount”
  6. Enter “PIN”

 Note:  For payments made to UG Application Processing Fee, only the “Application ID” is require NOT Student USI number

Payment Flow (Ministry of Finance Student Loan Agency):

  1. Select Biller “Student Loan Agency”
  2. Enter “Registration Number”
  3. Enter “Amount”
  4. Enter “PIN”


Current Billers – Validation basically ask you for what it needs, some with specific instructions e.g. Hand In Hand payments usually require the user to add 01F for Fire Insurance and 01M for Motor.

  • GPL Postpaid requires the “Reference Number” ( 14 digits)
  • GPL Prepaid requires the “Meter Number” ( 11 digits)
  • GTT Blaze requires the “Account number” (8 digits)
  • GTT DSL requires the “Account number” (8 digits)
  • GTT Landline requires the : Landline number” (7 digits)
  • GTT Postpaid requires the “Postpaid Mobile number” (7 digits)
  • GWI requires the “Account number” ( 7 digits)
  • IPED requires the “ Account number” (7 digits)
  • GRA requires the “ Year of Assessment” “TIN Number” and “ Vehicle Registration Number” depending on payment being made i.e. Motor Vehicle License, VAT or Individual Income Tax
  • Hand In Hand requires the “Policy Number” For Motor Insurance they must 01M in front of the policy number. For Fire Insurance they should add 01F in front of the Policy number.
  • Demerara Mutual requires the “Policy Number” ( starts with GY)
  • Courts requires the ‘Account number” (12 digits)
  • Lucky Dollar requires the “account number” (12 digits)
  • Singer requires the “reference Number”
  • Cable Operators ( E Networks, DirecTV 7 Movie star) all requires the “Account number”

Mayor & City Council

  • Payments can now be made to M&CC Rates & Taxes
  • It is required that you enter you “ Property Number “ otherwise known as “ Account Number “
  • Fee for Payments to M&CC ranges from $50 for transactions up to $60,000 and 0.175% on transactions above  $60,000
  • Payments can be made to M&CC Rates & Taxes once from you mobile phone once registered fro MMG or at ANY of our Agents Countrywide


Payment Updates

  • GTT payments are updated INSTANTLY once made through MMG.
  • GPL prepaid tokens are generated INSTANTLY once purchased through MMG

ALL other Billers, payment is uploaded within a 24hr time-frame once completed through MMG