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About Mobile Money Guyana

Mobile Money Guyana Inc. (MMG) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GTT, Guyana’s sole full-service telecommunications provider. MMG was incorporated on December 31, 2010 with its office located at 50 Croal Street, Georgetown, Guyana.

MMG is Guyana’s first and only mobile financial services provider, making available to GTT’s mobile customers an electronic wallet which facilitates an innovative way of performing basic transactions and payments from anywhere and at anytime, using their mobile handset.  Simply put, with MMG, conducting certain transactions need no longer necessitate standing in queues for long hours or organizing one’s life around the opening and closing hours of business entities… and all that is required is the ubiquitous mobile phone enhanced with an electronic wallet.

As a mobile financial services provider, MMG operations and services are approved by the Bank of Guyana and subjected to strict oversight to ensure the integrity and reliability of the entire system. After more than two years of research and preparation, MMG unveiled its services to the public in March 2013.

MMG’s uses GTT’s extensive mobile cellular foot print to offer its customers the opportunity to perform a variety of transactions conveniently and safely from their mobile phone.  This opportunity can be enjoyed by any GT&T mobile customer, regardless of handset type or model and whether or not the customer uses a “smart” phone.   All you need to do is create your electronic wallet now by completing the simple MMG registration process. (click here on learn how to register with MMG).

Our services include buying credit (C-point mobile top-up), paying utility and other bills, receiving loan disbursements and making loan repayments, sending and receiving money locally, and making deposits and withdrawals.   We intend to expand our services offering significantly in the near future.  As we wish to place our services close to you, we intend to have Agents in all communities and neighbourhoods.  Currently, we have some 60 authorized Agents but our goal is to have 400.  Equally important, our prices cannot be beaten! (click here for our list of Agents) .

Our services are fast, safe and convenient and offered at very competitive rates. We provide you all this on a secure platform using USSD technology.  What is more, the funds in your electronic wallet are further protected by your PIN (Personal Identification Number), a 4-digit secret number you select and keep well protected.  This provides you with the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your mobile money is secure…even if you lose your mobile phone!
So, register today and start using mobile money to perform everyday transactions and payments the fast, convenient, secure and cost-effective way.  It’s as Easy as *123#